Austin has a Preventative Resource!

Seton Shoal Creek Hospital provides both acute impatient psychiatric care and therapeutic group treatment on an outpatient basis. Seton Shoal Creek Outpatient Department, or most recently renamed, Seton Mind Institute Behavioral Health Services, has developed a free mental health resource hotline for any and all community members. That’s right I said free! This service provides resource referral and navigation to all people in need of chemical dependency and/or mental health services in the central Texas region.


This line is served Monday through Friday during regular business hours (830-5pm CST).

In addition to providing mental health resource referral, the social workers that are on the receiving end of the line assess for safety, manage crisis, determine appropriate level of care, offer some follow-up calls to families and individuals that need extra support, and schedule free mental health assessments.  The therapists at Seton Mind Institute of Behavioral Health Services provide free mental health assessments to any and all community members to determine the most appropriate care for the patient.

Need a therapist referral? Looking for a psychiatrist? Not sure who takes your insurance? Wondering about how to get a free mental health assessment? Wonder if group therapy is right for you? Not sure if you can afford mental health care services? Curious about the various outpatient groups Seton has to offer? Want to talk about residential treatment? Curious about options for detox and rehab?

CALL 512-324-2039.

The social workers will discuss all of the above and more with you when you call. The goal and aim of the resource line is to decrease obstacles and barriers for mental health treatment in Central Texas.

** This number is NOT a crisis line, although the social workers are well trained in crisis management. For crisis needs and immediate help either proceed to the nearest emergency room,  call 911 or 512-472-HELP (4357) if in the Austin area.


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