Hand Written Thank Yous

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Receiving non-junk mail is such a novelty now a days. The feeling that occupies your body when you receive an envelope hand addressed to you in your mailbox instead of your inbox is comparable to the feeling you had in 8th grade when your crush would smile at you in the hallway. You would think “That was Awesome!” and “OMG I think he really likes me.”

How fun would it be to make someone feel like that again??

There is an affordable and super easy way to make someone feel this good again and it all starts now, in March, during Social Work Month!

The University of Texas at Austin Social Work Alumni Network (SWAN) is leading an “Honor a Social Worker” tribute card initiative for Social Work Month 2013. You can purchase a thank you card for a social worker for just $10.00 through the month of March (ending the 31st).

Besides the cards being extra special and having one of the famous UT monuments as a back drop (this year it is Cesar Chavez), 100% of the proceeds collected will go towards a scholarship fund to help pave the path for a future social worker at UT School of Social Work and all envelopes are hand addressed by the SWAN Board members.


Simply click here to fill out and purchase a card.  UT School of Social Work can send cards all around the country, so please reach out to your social work friends who live outside of Texas. Also, note that you do not have to be a UT Alumni to order or receive one of these long-lasting appreciations.

A hand delivered thank you card is sure to win hearts and bring smiles to the faces of social workers all over the country.

Order here today! 

– Jessica


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