Some days

What changes in a person or in a day that humans can go from a feeling of contentment and moving forward to sad or frustrated and stuck?

For the most part great things and bad things happen in every day, but what sends a person over the edge? What is the “tipping point” where a person just can’t take it any more. What makes a person cry, loose their cool with a client or stranger, come home and say “I just had a horrible day?”  What makes someone decide they will go through with divorce, take their own life, take someone else’s life?

I ask because I don’t know the answer. Last week I had a day where I had to come home and just cry. Nothing happened that was any more frustrating or upsetting than any other day. I just couldn’t take it any more. The next day my Husband was irritated with his work and couldn’t shake his mood for a couple of days. Towards the end of the week I thought my intern was doing well and was happy; turns out she’s overwhelmed and incredibly tired.  What brings us to the point where we can’t handle it anymore and we can’t help but wear our emotions on our sleeves?

Because we are human I don’t think there is an answer.  There is no scientific equation to tell us when enough is going to be enough for a person. There isn’t a measuring cup to tell us our plate is getting too full. Even if there was it might be difficult to stop life from moving forward. When we reach our limit we just have to take care of ourselves, take a breather (or have a good cry), and admit something might need to change in our lives so the good days outnumber the bad.



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