Social Workers Pave The Way For A More Just World

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We are happy to welcome Jaclyn Lambert and Case Western Reserve University to the blog! Case Western Reserve University has been ranked No. 8 in the U.S. among top social work schools in May, 2012 according to A dedicated team of social workers has worked together to compile and highlight some of most outstanding feats social workers have accomplished in our history. Please read on and check out the infographic created to highlight the history that has made today a better place.


Social workers are society’s unsung heroes, working daily to better the lives of others. Case Western Reserve University’s Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences created this infographic to recognize the importance of the figures in this line of work that have paved the way for current students and molded the future of social work as a whole.

Sharing the infographic means securing each of these important social workers’ places in history and facilitating widespread awareness of their important contributions. The information presented in this infographic was mainly gathered from the National Association of Social Workers Foundation, which strives to “raise the visibility of social work and enhance public esteem for the profession.” The graphic furthers that goal in an effort to bring to light the importance and value of Social Work as a profession as well as the motivations of those who choose to pursue it.

** The below image may be difficult to see. If it is please click on The Anatomy of Social Work: Helping Those In Need, which should take you directly to the image that you can then enlarge on your computer.** 


This infographic was created by Case Western Reserve University’s online Social Work program, promoting ethics, values, self-awareness, empowerment and advocacy. Connect with the school on their Facebook page.

Thank you Case Western Team! This is fantastic and we love it!



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