BREAKING NEWS: You’re not boxed in!

After a non-anticipated but very busy hiatus from this blog, we are back and excited as ever!

Andrea and I have both gone through some pretty significant professional changes in the last couple of months. We both have found ourselves in new jobs and with that we have had the pleasure of welcoming new challenges, new people, new insights, and new successes!

Back in December 2012 I wrote “Social Worker in Transition” where I talked about the take-aways of hard time unemployment (or fun-employment, depending on the day). In this post I talked about my experience with a career transition as a social worker and also offered some tips to this evolutionary process

I proposed the question: “What do we do when we know there is more we can offer the world in a different context?”

Here is my answer: keep looking, manifesting, networking and being patient.  The right opportunity will come.

Don’t roll your eyes just yet. But yes, the basics of my answer lie in the fact that dreams and intentions together can create your reality.  We are not fenced in, boxed off or limited to our current jobs. We may feel like it at times, but let’s practice some reality testing. That’s right, we are not restricted.

[[Side note :: Please don’t mistake my 6 month job search as a complaint.
I do realize I am very lucky and better off than a lot of my fellow Texans,
or Americans for that matter. Furthermore, as I am writing this I recognize
there is a sense of privilege that lives in the undertone of my sentences.
As a smart, charismatic working woman I knew I was capable of more than simply what my degree or my license categorized me as.

Like many of you out there, the label “social worker” is a broad umbrella term for communicator, mediator, advocate, educator, connector, case manager, mindfulness expert, carer and friend.

During my professional transition I was really looking for jobs that would utilize not only my social work self but the other parts of myself that I deemed significantly under appreciated and worthwhile.

For example, I am naturally skilled at talking to people, educating people and making connections. It is a gift. Nothing I was trained in, simply something I do naturally.

I wanted this part of me to be noticed and reimbursed. I wanted to use it everyday not only in my personal interactions, but my professional ones as well. What I didn’t anticipate is that this skill would provide me the perfect platform for community relations and marketing work.

That’s right, social workers, I said marketing. A part of my new role is to market in the healthcare world. I educate, advocate and provide resources to other health care providers (social workers, MDs, case managers, RNs) about the aging population (our parents and grandparents) to help sustain and/or increase their quality of life.  And, friends, I love it!

6 months later (almost to the day) I have the privilege of telling you that I have found the perfect balance between social work and community relations work. I am using my natural skills and talents along with my license to do a job I feel like I manifested.

Thanks for your patience!

keep calm- hellno!

~ Jess


2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: You’re not boxed in!

  1. An inspiring post Jess. I have loved hearing about your career transition and so excited to hear you have found something that you enjoy. It definitely fills me with hope about my future too. x

  2. Thanks, Alana. Your support means the world to me! your light is so bright and I know your future will open up doors to the infinite possibilities that await you! //jess

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