About the Blog

This blog is created by Social Workers, about Social Work and for the World.

It has been constructed to provide an educative and inspirational place to talk about the roles of Social Workers and the other various things that come along with being a genuine helping professional.

We hope you will find this blog inspirational, enlightening, educational and transferable.

Look out for monthly updates of theories, practical usage of tools, stories, books, research and social worky thoughts and reflections.

If you are a Social Worker or an Allied Health Professional and are interested in guest posting, we would love to hear from you.

 About the Boggers


Jessica works in mental health empowering people in their journey of self discovery and resilience. She was educated as a Social Worker in America and worked there for several years before heading overseas to Australia to work internationally. She continued medical and mental health work while there and fell in love with the practice of yoga.  She promptly sought a Yoga Teacher Training that was compatible with her heart felt spiritual self.  She found Dharma Yoga and hasn’t looked back in her pursuit of mind body connection.  In addition to her mental health role Jess teaches yoga in Australia, which she finds her greatest ally in aligning the mind/body/spirit connection, both for herself and for others.  She loves to travel and cook in her spare time, creating healthier versions of old fashion comfort food.



Other Contributors 


Andrea is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker living in Austin, TX. She works as a therapist at Roots Behavioural Health.



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We are everywhere. With our hands in everything. Helping everyone.

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We are everywhere. With our hands in everything. Helping everyone.


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We are everywhere. With our hands in everything. Helping everyone.

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