Stress Out Smarter, Not Harder

When people experience stress the reports globally sound the same: sweaty palms, increase heart rate, heavy breathing, clenched muscles. There have been numerous amounts of research studies and devoted health experts that have told us that high stress levels should be avoided as it increases physical and mental illness (common cold, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression). […]

Be vulnerable – that is what it is all about

Recently, I came across a  TED talk excerpt about vulnerability and I thought “That’s what makes  group therapy work; people being vulnerable!” Later, I listened to the full talk and realized, that is only part of the equation.  The truth is,  being vulnerable is what makes LIFE work and worth living. Brene Brown, a PhD in […]

We Are A World Full of Forever Students

Without relying on the heat as a guide, summer season in Texas is now closing. Today was the first day of school for many tots, new college students and graduates of all types. They had to say goodbye to the swimming all day, picnics in the park and sleepovers on Wednesdays. Now it is time […]

Social Workers Promote Social Justice!

We are fortunate to have another guest post! This time from the team at the University of New England Online MSW. Please read below and link to the helpful infographic that describes the ways in which social work furthers the ideals of social justice.  ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Social workers routinely focus on ensuring equal political, social and economic […]

BREAKING NEWS: You’re not boxed in!

After a non-anticipated but very busy hiatus from this blog, we are back and excited as ever! Andrea and I have both gone through some pretty significant professional changes in the last couple of months. We both have found ourselves in new jobs and with that we have had the pleasure of welcoming new challenges, […]

Social Workers Pave The Way For A More Just World

//guest post We are happy to welcome Jaclyn Lambert and Case Western Reserve University to the blog! Case Western Reserve University has been ranked No. 8 in the U.S. among top social work schools in May, 2012 according to A dedicated team of social workers has worked together to compile and highlight some of most […]

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We are everywhere. With our hands in everything. Helping everyone.


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We are everywhere. With our hands in everything. Helping everyone.

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