Self Care

We cannot be expected to take care of others without first taking care of ourselves.

Self care is a vital, life sustaining and necessary part of the Social Work profession, and life in general. Social Workers educate about self care for proper emotional management and life sustainment. Self care is any uninterupted activity that you participate in just for YOU and not for anyone else. Self care is taking an interupted bubble bath, going for a walk, looking at yourself in the mirror and mumbling outloud “I like myself”, crafting, spending time with friends and doing things that make you smile and feel joyful. Self care assists in the coping of life transitions, mental health, relationship maintenance and parenting practices.

Not only does self care increase the capacity of self worth, which in turn creates higher life satisifaction and general happiness, but it creates a kinder world. If you are kind to yourself, you are kinder to others as a consequence. If everyone spent a little more time taking care of themselves we would teach others to do the same, fostering a happier, healthier, kinder universe.

As professional helpers social workers are required to take really good care of themselves so we can best serve our clients. Here you will read and learn about the ways that we shine love and apprecaition onto ourselves.


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